Medi 1 Radio And Sat ! The Amazing Trip!

Friday the 26th from 6:00 am to 18:00 pm, some AUI students from AUI CHANNEL department were in Tangier to visit Medi 1 Radio and Sat buildings. First of all, I was really amazed by the buildings and materials used by Medi 1 Radio and Sat. We were accompanied during the visit by an ALUMNI student, a girl who took her Bachelor in 2004 from AUI. We were proud to see that she is integrated among journalists from Medi 1 Radio and Sat. Secondly; Medi 1 Radio’s building is located inside Tangier. In contrary, Medi 1 Sat’s building is built inside Tangier free zone. Actually, three hours were enough to understand that journalists have a busy and exciting day. From Radio to the TV, Medi 1 is well organized, well-equipped and well-supervised. Thirdly, the director of Medi 1 Sat is different from the owner of Medi 1 Radio. In fact, Medi 1 Sat is a French and Moroccan organization. Medi 1 Radio is composed especially by Moroccans. Both present us a high quality of management and work. We realize that Morocco is going so quick in term of Media’s development. Our team was impatient to come back to AUI to work more and more to satisfy audience of AUI. Finally, it was a really fantastic day, full of emotions and discoveries.

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