What about Tom Misch?


Tom Misch

19 yrs old/composer/guitarist/singer/violin

Tom Misch is a UK musician who is already impressing music lovers worldwide. Entertaining a British audience is one thing, but having an underground record label in LA release an EP of your music is another. Funnily enough this is how we first heard Tom’s music, during a Soulection radio show broadcasted from California State University. The show’s frontman Joe Kay gave endless praise to a young beatmaker from London who made music with enough soul to satisfy the late J Dilla’s mother, and that’s not an exaggeration… J Dilla’s mother retweeted one of Tom’s songs. It quickly became apparent that something special was going on here, and after several listens to Tom’s music online we needed no more convincing. In light of this we thought we’d have a quick chat with the new talent.

What’re you listening to most the moment?

A lot of modern jazz…

Cool, favorite concert experience ?

Yeah, D’angelo at brixton academy

Nice, the live instrumentation you do is pretty impressive, how many do you play and are you self-taught?

I play the violin, guitar, bass and I sing. I’ve had lessons in all of them.

How did you and Joe Kay get in touch?

I Got an email from him asking if I wanted to release an EP through Soulections White Label Series.

Have you any plans to collaborate with Soulection further? Maybe a trip to LA?

Yeah I’m sure ill work with them more, not sure about a trip to LA just yet though.

Do you think UK music could do with more beatmaking collectives like Soulection?

I don’t think it’s really relevant where you live these days as the internet allows these collectives to be international.

It says in your Soundcloud bio that you aren’t keen on working with MCs… But is there a rapper, dead or alive, you’d most like to hear on one of your beats?

Probably Mr MF DOOM.

Yeah that would be a pretty fierce collaboration. Anyway, your white label release through Soulection is an instant classic, can you tell us a bit about the production behind it?

Ah thank you. The EP was basically recorded and composed in my room. In terms of the theme behind it, I wanted to release an instrumental EP on a purely beatmaking vibe that spoke for itself without the need for an MC or singer.

Yeah makes sense, it’s good to see solely instrumental beatmaking on the rise again. Finally, have you got any big plans for the rest of the year?

I’m starting a jazz guitar degree this September which is going to be pretty full on, but I want to carry on putting out music in the free time I have, and see where it goes really. I would like to release a solo EP/album sometime soon, one which would combine my beats/production with singing and material that I could perform live.

Interview by Tunji Adeniyi-Jones: http://tunjiadeniyi-jones.com/

More from Tom: https://soundcloud.com/tom-misch

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