What a Pity!

I have been really shocked by the anger towards successful women such as Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez, Loubna Abidar and Sara Belkziz, recently crowned Miss Morocco 2016. They all have in common beauty and seduction. Why Moroccans cannot be happy for the success of others?

Let’s take the example of Sara Belkziz.

Native from Casablanca, Sara is 25 years old and was crowned Miss Morocco 2016. The event took place on Saturday, 25th May at Morocco Mall, Casablanca. She won the competition among sixteen other girls.

However, as soon as the jury announced the results, Sara Belkziz was already the object of critics as posted on the website H24Info. Moroccans blame Sara Belkziz for not mastering dialectal Arabic, for preferring French, for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian…and these criticisms lack of logic and objectivity.

The website Kenzi + has published an article in which Sara’s profile is presented with honesty and truthfulness. In fact, Sara evoked her childhood in Sweden and her background in the United States, in San Diego, where she did her studies and obtained a diploma in gemmology, the science that deals with natural and artificial gemstone materials and jewels.

Sara said in this interview that she is totally natural. She never resorted to plastic surgery. She is just perfectionist and know how to emphasize on her beauty strengths.

This anger is spread throughout social media and it smears and besmirches Moroccans reputation. That’s so sad! These people are closed minded and it hurts me so much as a Moroccan citizen who wants the best for her country. Several times, I said that it is enough, I need to find a solution to leave the country! Work and other duties let me stay in Morocco because I have the faith that the best is yet to come.

In Morocco, in general, people do not respect humanity and dignity. From personal to professional lives, in different social categories, whatever your diploma or degree are, hate and jealousy are everywhere!

This article is not a sign of naivety or innocence; this is a scream of pain!

In general, while facing a polemic, Moroccans should be less hypocrites, banish gossip, put their energy on their own lives, go to work, and find spirituality again!

Love will save the world! The holy month of Ramadan is approaching and it will be a time for all of us to take time again to find peace and serenity! God bless Morocco!

Malika Msefer pour #LoveMali


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